Chateau Pierrefonds  Recipient of a 2019 Accolade
is a prestigious residence for semi-autonomous seniors whose
charm is unequalled in the West Island of Montreal.

 Known for its family atmosphere and its unique opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of activities, Château Pierrefonds offers its seniors with diminishing autonomy or with a cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease, an exceptional quality of life as well as peace of mind for their loved ones.





In 1902, the local notary Mr. Joseph-Adolphe Chauret had a large residence built in Sainte-Geneviève de Pierrefonds.  The architecture of this residence was a “repliqua” of the Pierrefonds Castle in Picardie, France.  In 1940, M. Louis-Pierre Lemonnier bought the home and converted it a pastry shop. In 1960, Mrs Pauline Potvin-White transforms this impressive home in a pediatric center and nursing school.  Many people today still remember this and know of many children that were born here.

In 1987, while looking for a home to place his aging parents, M. Alfred Laplante bought this prestigious residence and converts it into a seniors’ residence with 17 rooms.  In 1991, M. Laplante builds an extension and it becomes a 55 rooms residence.  On a freezing cold winter night, on February 22nd 1993, a massive fire destroys the entire residence.  The Château Pierrefonds is slowly rebuilt while respecting as much as possible its original appearance. A year later, on February 1st 1994, along with his daughter Monique, Alfred Laplante proudly re-opens the Château Pierrefonds with 63 rooms.

In 2003, M. Alfred Laplante’s life is tragically ended when the plane he’s in crashes on its way to a fishing trip in Labrador.  The Château Pierrefonds is from then on, under the direction of Monique and Pierre Laplante, M. Laplantes’ children.  Under the management of these two siblings, the second generation, with fresh ideas and grand expectations, the Château Pierrefonds flourishes.

In 2004 the Château Pierrefonds receives two “Roses d’Or”, ultimate honor given, at that time, by the FADOQ.  In 2007, the Château Pierrefonds becomes the first senior’s residence to be certified in Québec and in 2012, the FADOQ honors the Château Pierrefonds again by giving them 5 seals for the « Qualité Logi-être” program, the highest distinction given in this quality control program.

Throughout the years since 2003, the Château Pierrefonds has undergone many renovation projects such as all the bathrooms, the activity rooms, the dining room, etc.  In 2013, the Château Pierrefonds weathered its biggest expansion project ever and went from 63 rooms to 118.  Among these 118 rooms, two special units of 12 rooms each were created for residents suffering from dementia such as Alzheimer’ disease: the Alfred Laplante Pavilion and the Oasis.

During its 30 years of existence, the Château Pierrefonds has had many memorable anecdotes: in 1992, there was the first marriage ceremony between residents; in 1998, one of our seniors celebrated her 100th birthday and in 2004, a television show was filmed in the residence.

No doubt the future of the Chateau Pierrefonds will be just as exciting.  This business is in full expansion with a motivated and ambitious team.







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Here is a message sent by the CIUSSS de l'Ouest de l'île following the error in the list of confirmed cases in RPA by the Health Ministry:

CIUSSS de l'Ouest de l'île
September 3, 2020

COVID-19 situation at Château Pierrefonds

We attest to the truth that as of September 03, 2020, none of your residents have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

You have worked quickly and with great rigor on infection prevention precautions and we thank you for your diligence and your collaboration in implementing actions to prevent any outbreak

Furthermore, we are aware that some provincial reports on COVID cases are erroneous and unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the name of a residence appears with a positive case when it is not the reality. We have found that this is currently the case with your residence and the analysis of the facts has shown that it was a matter address error, that is to say of a person having resided in residence in the past but having moved a long time ago and whose address change had not been made.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we hope this letter will reassure your volunteers and tenants.